The Silkymitts Hockey Ball,
Stick Sensor and App

Revolutionary stickhandling training ball and stick sensor embedded with a processor, sensors that connect with an app on your phone and turns practicing stickhandling into a fun game

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It Takes Lots of Practice to Become a Master

It takes hundreds of stickhandling hours to become an expert. Even the best youth players average only a little over 1 minute with the puck per game. During practices players average less than 10 minutes of stickhandling time. Stickhandling requires practice outside of the rink but many players find that boring- until NOW!.

How It Works

The ball and stick sensor have embedded sensors that measure the ball's speed, how far it is being moved, and how it is being handled. The ball can turn any color - either providing feedback to the user or telling them what to do next depending on the drill or challenge being performed. The light from the ball allows it to be seen easily in peripheral vision, encouraging the user to get used to keeping their eyes where they are supposed to be: Up!


Complete challenges, earn badges, check your technique all while having fun!

Monitor Performance

The ball tracks your performance while practicing and allows you to complete various drills / challenges that are designed to improve your stickhandling.


View how you compare with your friends. Coaches can create teams and monitor everyone's performance.


The app keeps track of progress and what a user has accomplished by awarding badges. The more you play and the better you get, the more badges you are able to earn to improve your rating.

Designed to perfect technique.

By monitoring wrist action, body movement, ball speed, and direction, the app can make sure you are using proper technique while providing you challenging drills involving soft touches, toe drags, lateral movement, forward movement, yo-yo handling, and many more.

Practicing stickhandling has never been this fun!

In "Handle to the Beat," the app scores you based on how well you can stick handle to the beat of a song.


We guarantee your stickhandling ability will increase by leaps and bounds.